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Passion Insanity is a healthy mixture of absolute ignorance and obsessed perfection


Just like the seven layers of hell:

Game Development

Literally the reason why I am here being a massive nerd, check out my indie game studio: mirrorstairstudio.

3D Shader

They are essentially art of vector calculus and trigonometry.

AI and Machine Learning

One of rare occasions where theoretical algorithm subjects actually come handy until you find some framework that does all the heavy lifting for you.

Not-Shit Wev Development

Most modern web development frameworks and workflow are just bloated and overcomplicated to keep 'developers' relevant in the industry.


Connecting your home devices and vehicles to the cloud = future.

Brain-Washing Students

I will have an army to dominate the world in 10 years >:)


Given the musical background I was provided from the family, it was just a matter of time for me to build my dream as a performer and artist.

Who Am I?

I graduated Bachelor of Science, major in Computing and Software Systems at the University of Melbourne with First Class Honours on December 2017. Not that I'm proud of it, but I almost feel obliged to mention given my family spent a fortune to successfully complete my academic life.

Unlike modern kids, I went down the path of full naive independence a soon as I started my uni life, working like a dog to afford rent and food starting my second semester. This made me quickly realize how important loving your job is in order to not kill yourself. But realization meant nothing in practice when you had to pay back your credit card and pay rent next month. It rather helped me develop an attitude to work for something I love in passion and gratefulness.

I invested a heavy chunk of my academic life attending (and winning) hackathons, as you can guess from the awards above. In this, I gained my valuable experience of efficient teamwork and dealing with business bullshit. PMs generally love me for understanding commercial aspects and politics, but being an efficient code monkey at the same time. But that's only until I bluntly yet constructively criticize how shit the team's workflow or decisions are.. ;)

Leading a team of goons developers generally tags along with a headache and hot temper but I genuinely love leading the fools developers to battle, whether that's aggressive pushing from behind or being the foremost to take the charge. I am always seeking ways on how to lead better, experimenting different techniques at work and game studio, just like I had done or university projects.

The Name

"Sanmu" has been derived from my old online name, "Bermuda" or "Bermuda-UT". For a short period, I went by the name of "muda". This naming scheme is derived from how Koreans call non-strangers by their first names (in Korea, family name comes first, so in this case, "Ber" was considered as a family name, "muda" as the first). Then, I added "San" - which means number three in Chinese - to represent the triangle in the original name "Bermuda".